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Music by Conjunto XI



Sound Design by Kari Rae Seekins



Based on a true story, I interviewed a human "El Coyote" is a Film based on true a story of a human smuggler also know as a coyote. He describes his process and the mechanics of slipping between the Mexico and U.S. border. He shares the brief moments he’s has with the people he’s trying to cross over seeking for a better life.
Director Javier Barboza interviewed a human smuggler, also known as “Coyotes”. The coyote agreed on the interview if he concealed his identity, by using the media of animation and casting actor Jose Callela as the voice over for the narration, from the original testimony.
El Coyote code name G-lok smuggled undocumented immigrants from various regions of Latin America between Tijuana, Mexico and San Ysidro to the United States. Within five years, G-lok had crossed over six hundred people.The original interview was done in 2010.
Directed By Javier Barboza

2016-The Chicano International Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA
2016- Highland park Independent Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA
2016-Wagner College International Film Festival, New York , NY
2016-Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, Santa Fe, NM
2016-Hot Spring Documentary Film Festival, Hot Spring, AR
2016-- DC short film festival, Washington DC
2016- Big River Film festival , Savannah Georgia
2016- Adobe First Frame USC, Los Angeles, CA
2015- The Atlantic, Editor Video pick , Online streaming, New York , NY
2015-Vimeo Staff Pick, online streaming, New York , NY
2015- Pocho Video Cultura, online Streaming, Los Angeles, CA
2015- San Francisco Documentary Film Festival, San Francisco, CA
2015 - 42nd Annie Awards Nomination Best Student Film
2015- 30th Imagen Awards Nomination Best Student Film
2015- San Francisco Documentary Festival
2015- New Port Beach Film Festival
2015-12th Kecskemet Animation Film Festival - Hungary
2012- Princess Grace Award Film Grant-U.S.A.


The making of El Coyote

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